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How much carat weight to choose for a diamond?

Diamond Carat Weight Is One Qualification Of Diamond Buying

When you purchase a diamond, typically in jewelry form, you are making an investment. Diamonds are considered to be some of the most valuable items you can buy. They are popular with everyone, from celebrities to everyday people.

Because of the value of diamonds, it’s important for you to educate yourself on what diamonds are and what to look for before you purchase diamonds. If you don’t know what to look for, you could find yourself with diamonds that are fake or that are not that high in quality. Follow these tips before buying a diamond.

1. Understand the 4 C’s of Diamond Buying

Before you buy a diamond, you should know the basics of a diamond. That would be the 4 C’s – the cut, the clarity, the color, and the diamond carat weight.

The Diamond 4Cs and beyond

The cut of a diamond is its proportions. A properly cut diamond will shine with the most brilliance, especially when it is out in the light. The color is another factor, and the best diamonds have no color at all. The clarity of a diamond determines how many flaws it has that take away from hits brilliance. Are there marks on the diamond? Is it cut in a way that takes away from its natural brilliance. Finally, the diamond carat weight is the weight of the diamond measured in carats.

2. Know The Shape You Desire

If you are buying a diamond ring, they come in a variety of shapes. Know what shape you want before you go shopping. The most common diamond shapes are: round, princess, oval, heart, marquise, and princess, among others. A diamond salesperson will help you decide on a shape if you can’t decide. For example, he or she can help you decide on the best shape for an engagement ring.

3. Make Sure the Salesperson Is Qualified

Sales Rep at a Diamond StoreThe one thing you never want to do is to buy a diamond from an unqualified seller. Check to see that you’re working with a registered jewelry. This is a person who has taken the necessary coursework and has also taken the necessary exams to make him or her qualified.

Buying diamonds from such a person assure you that the individual you’re working with can answer all of your questions legitimately and is qualified to do so.

One of the best things you can do is to ask whether the person in charge has a GIA diploma!

4. Never Buy A Treated Diamond

If you are interested in genuine diamonds that are valuable without enhancements, never buy a treated diamond. A treated diamond is enhanced for color and clarity, and they appear more valuable than they truly are.

It is important that you work with a reputable seller to avoid buying treated diamonds. The investment that you make is important for diamonds.

5. Don’t Settle for the First Diamond You See

There are a multitude of outfits selling diamonds and diamond jewelry. Shop around. The seller that sells the most varied diamonds for the best price is the best choice for diamonds.

However, chances are you won’t find the best seller right away. In addition, you want to avoid any seller who is suspected of selling fake diamonds or low-quality diamonds promoted as high quality. Comparison shopping is your best bet for finding the best deal on diamonds.

6. Make Sure Your Diamond Has a Warranty

If the diamond you’re purchasing is genuine, a qualified salesperson will give you a warranty, assuring you that your diamond is real.

It’s value, cut, clarity, color, and carat weight will all be listed on the warranty and certificate. You would then keep the certificate in a safe place as part of your records,

7. Get your diamond jewelry sized if needed.

Incorrectly sized jewelry may slip and move and may cause you to lose it. Therefore, immediately after you purchase diamond jewelry, get it sized for a proper fit if needed. This is normally not a free service. Therefore, be prepared to pay the necessary fee.

Diamond shopping can be an exciting proposition, but you’ll need to do it right to get the most out of the experience. Follow the 4 C’s for diamond shopping, in addition, follow the other tips in this article to find the best diamond jewelry for your budget.