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Buying my Diamond Ring with James Allen

In this article I would like to write about my experiences with the diamond vendor James Allen.

First, I would like to show you what the diamond ring of my fiancé actually looks like:

James Allen engagement ringAs you can see I went for a princess cut diamond! The reason why I did that is because my fiancé once told me that she really likes princess cut diamonds. They are very modern and special.

When I did a little bit more of diamond research I quickly found out that princess cut diamonds also have the best price per carat! This was a huge plus for me because I am in general someone who always tries to look for the best price.

I also discovered that the princess cut diamond has nearly the same quality of light performance as a round cut diamond would have!

What I liked about James Allen

What I liked particularly about James Allen is the fact that you can directly see all the diamonds when you are browsing through them.

Princess cut diamonds at James AllenI came to the conclusion that this has one particular advantage: Princess cut diamonds have a lot of variety in their light performance. You can see that by just looking at the different black areas of all the princess cut diamonds above! By viewing all diamonds I was quickly able to eradicate those with the more pronounced dark areas.

As far as my research has shown me James Allen has the best functionality when it comes to viewing diamonds from all sites.

My further research on diamond color has shown me that the I should choose a diamond color in the G to I color range for a white gold ring setting.

This is why I actually decided to go for an H colored diamond. As you could see on the picture above it still looks gorgeous!

I liked the ease with which I could assemble my ring and then also have a look at other rings with the exact same attributes as mine:

Example of your chosen diamond on a specific ring setting

James Allen takes 360 degree videos of every diamond ring that they sell! This way you get a pretty good idea whether a specific diamond color will look good on a certain ring metal!

Using this feature helped me a lot in my search!

The package

What I liked as well was the quality of the package!

It took around 11 days for the entire ring to arrive after ordering. I thought that this was a bit long but then again the diamond had to be mounted individually on the ring setting and stuff. So I guess that this is a result that is to be expected.

When my package arrived it looked like that:

James Allen Package and Ring

Of course, there is also a GIA grading report that accompanies your diamond!

You can find more information about James Allen on the internet and I would definitely recommend that you learn more about diamond grading before actually making the purchase.

Another thing that gave me the peace of mind to proceed with the purchase was my knowing that James Allen has a full 30-days money back guarantee.

It turned out that I did not need that guarantee because I thought that the ring turned out great. But it is good to know that you can just send the ring back free of charge and exchange it to another ring or get your money back if you decide to do so!

All in all I don’t  regret my purchase with James Allen.

But before you get into the nitty gritty details I would definitely recommend every one of you to read as much about diamonds as possible to make the really best decision! Don’t get confused about celebrities and their diamonds. It might be true that people like Kristen Stewart, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston and Hayden Panettiere get all the D colored IF diamonds. This does not mean that this is not a waste of money, however! You can be smarter than that and instead reinvest the money in a better cut and more carat weight.

To stay updated on diamonds check out this interesting Twitter profile!